Christian Wellness Center

Our Christian Wellness Center offers therapy and pastoral counseling from Christian therapists and counselors. 

Christian Therapy

We believe that the job of a therapist is to help our clients find balance and a state of wellness in their lives. Being a "Christian therapist" does not mean that counselors are going "preach" or quote scripture. It simply means that their foundational beliefs are based on Christ centered and Biblical principles.

Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Counselors on the other hand are trained to counsel from a Biblical perspective and may certainly utilize Biblical concepts and passages more freely. Pastoral counselors are NOT therapists and are trained to refer clients with mental health issues to a licensed therapist.

Pastors Ministry

Pastors and Church staff members often carry a heavy burden as shepherds for their members.  Our Christian Wellness Center offers support and consultation to pastors both from a personal and professional standpoint

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