These are our basic services but may not be comprehensive.  All of our services are intended to help our clients find more balance in their individual, family and/or marriages.  Please call our office for more specific information.  Times and fees may change without notice. 

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is generally a one to one session focusing on the mental health or substance abuse goals of each person as agreed upon by the person and  their therapist.  Sessions are 45 minutes and  made by appoint. 

Family/Marriage Therapy

Marriage/Family Therapy addresses couples and or family issues which are negatively impacting the marriage and/or family.  Marriage/Family sessions are 45 minutes and are by appointment. 

DBT Skills Group Therapy

DBT Skills Group Sessions  focus on learning & practicing skills to manage emotions and thoughts effectively.  Schedule:

Adults  Wednesdays 11:30am

Teens - Tuesdays 6:00pm

Cost: $25

Children's DBT Group

Children's DBT Group is let by Dr. Kattrina Roach, PhD, LPC and are held typicall on Saturday mornings.  Call 662-482-1114 for specific times.  Cost i $25

YOGA Groups

YOGA Groups are led by Certified Instructor Janice Sanders Robbins.  Working the body unravels the emotional, physical, and mental knots that bind you and blind you from your true self.  YOGA is NOT a religion.  Times are:

Mondays 8am

Tuesdays 6:30pm

Cost is $25

Pastoral Counseling

Jarrett Jamieson, M.Div, Pastoral Counselor is now on staff and provides pastoral counseling to clients with a Christ-centered foundation. 

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